legal notice

legal notice

this notice contains terms regarding use online, and any and all users browsing this website and webpage shall be deemed to accept the following notice of terms:
1. the uniqueness of the corporate website. this website shall be the only registered website of the company, protected by relevant law and regulations.
2. domain name. the domain name used by this website and any other domain name of this website are all protected by relevant law; without the consent of the company, any organization and/or individual shall not confusingly or ambiguously use such domain names.
3. ag捕鱼王官方网站 copyright. the company reserves the right of the structure, web design, texts, images and any other information contained therein, subject to the ag捕鱼王官方网站 copyright act of china and the international ag捕鱼王官方网站 copyright law. part of this website is provided by the third party, the ag捕鱼王官方网站 copyright of which shall be reserved by the provider thereof, and the company has the legal right of use. without the written consent of the company, any party shall not copy for lucrative or non-profit purpose or make a mirror on any server the website of our company is not subordinate to or illegally use our website in other ways.
4. trademark right. the trademark in this website is the business identifier of our company, and our company enjoys the legal rights pertaining thereto. without the written consent of the company, any party shall not modify, copy or use such business identifier in any other way.
5. website use. this website and any components thereof shall not be reproduced, copied, plagiarized or used for any commercial purpose without the written consent of our company.
without the written consent of the legal owner, any person shall not display product images at this website. any unauthorized display of such images on this website may violate international law, trademark acts, law on right of privacy, communication acts and other law and regulations.
browsers may download information displayed on this website, provided that such information is used for personal study and research only, not for any commercial purpose; whether displayed on the information or not, all such information is legally protected by the ag捕鱼王官方网站 copyright act. without explicit written consent of the ag捕鱼王官方网站 copyright owner, any browser shall not distribute, modify, spread, reuse, redeliver or use any content of this website for any public commercial purpose.
6. interpretation. brother decoration reserves the right of interpretation of any and all information on this website. brother decoration has the right to modify and update the information thereon from time to time.
7. languages. this website is produced in such two versions as chinese and english versions which shall have the equivalent legal effect. should there be any discrepancy between such two versions, the chinese version shall prevail.
8. disclaimer. the company does hereby disclaim any legal responsibility for the following matters:
i. we do hereby declare that we do not make any direct, indirect, statutory or contractual guarantee of any content and services of or related to this website you use or other websites linking to this website and the content thereof.
ii. in any event (including but not limited to negligence), the user shall be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage resulting from use of the information on this website or web links thereof or the website information linking to this website.
users’ use of this website shall indicate that users agree to assume all risks in browsing this website, and the operator or related company shall not be liable for any direct, related, consequential, indirect or economic loss arising from users’ access to the information on this website, for the operator or related company does not participate in constructing, making or developing this website or provide any content.
9. right of accountability. if any person or party violates this notice, the company reserves the right to take legal actions.